A weekly roundup of timely worldwide sketches, curated by newspaper artist and Urban Sketchers founder Gabriel Campanario. {FAQ}


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cycling and music sound like a great recipe for summer fun, and that's what was brewing in San Francisco's Bicycle Music Festival, where artist Roy Huerta drew the sketch that leads the slideshow today. In Canada, summer hasn't seemed to arrive yet. See those umbrellas in Raynald Murphy's sketch and read Richard Johnson's account of drawing under the Toronto Viaduct. In South America, Tony Istillarte has the scene of a street cleaning crew in action. From South East London, Lis Watkins brings us a sketch of The Gypsy Hill Tavern, which is hosting an Irish Music night as part of the Crystal Palace Overground Festival. And in Belgium, artist Jeroen Janssen is documenting the little Flemish town of Doel, where only 25 people live. He tells us the entire village is going to be demolished. That's pretty sad, but I'm excited that he's going to sketch every corner of it before that happens!